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Everyone loves finding something unique and kids clothing can be a bit of minefield of highly mass produced garments. If you're looking for designer childrens clothes with a difference, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the Young and Moodie range. We have custom printed kids t-shirts, boys shorts, long sleeve tops, jumpers, trackies and baby bodysuits. Our emphasis has always been on high quality threads with cool artwork. Our artwork is all designed by us here in Melbourne with a street art feel that has been compared to the famous Banksy street artist from the UK. We often like to tell a story with a design and like to think of our kids clothing as wearable art. Bold prints with simplicity in mind that are instantly recognisable. This is becoming our Young and Moodie signature. Think unique, think quirky, think cool. That's what we want to be and that's what we think people like so much about our label. Standing out from the crowd is what we do best. Order online today and have it delivered directly. Gift boxing and personalised note option available too!!

Boys Robot T-shirt Designs by Young and Moodie Posted on 02 May 02:16

This week we are exploring our robot t-shirt designs and how they came to be. Our design style is a mix of street art and graphic design which we think gives a clean polished stencil art finish. We embrace the nostalgic feelings that come from certain childhood toys and imagery and vintage robots are definitely near the top of the nostalgic list.

So lets take a look at the list...

Number 1: The first robot t-shirt design we created was a fantasy image of a boy turning the key to an old wind-up robot that was the same size as him. Wind up robots were most definitely a staple of many young boys’ toy collections and are now collectable items for men of that era. We named this wind up robot design ‘Batteries not Included’ which pretty much sums it up. The design process for our artwork is also an exciting journey. Seeing a concept come to life brings a great deal of satisfaction and is always a creative driving force. The Batteries Not Included boys long sleeve top is available from the Young and Moodie online store in limited edition numbers. They are produced in sizes 2-8 inclusive.

Robot T-shirt - Boys Clothing by Young and MoodieBoys Robot tshirt riding a bike - Boys Graffiti t-shirt

Number 2: Our next robot design is on a blue and grey raglan t-shirt and is called ‘Metal to the Pedal’. It features a retro robot riding on a cruiser pedal bike and is overlaid on a grungy brick wall. The design has a realistic finish to emanate an actual stencilled wall. We are really enjoying playing with perspective with some of our most recent designs which we think stands us apart from the crowd. The Metal to the Pedal boys robot t-shirt is available is sizes 2-8. We also offer free shipping for all orders over $55 within Australia!

 Robot Dance off t-shirt - Cool boys t-shirts onlineCool Robot T-shirt - Boys Clothing Online - Young and Moodie Children's Clothing

Number 3: Our final robot t-shirt design to date is called ‘Dance Off’ and shows a boy and large robot in mid dance move, doing the ‘robot’ dance of course! The style again has a realistic wall stencil with a fading brick pattern. Some customers are comparing our artwork to the infamous Bansky street artist which we can't thank them enough for! The Dance Off boys tshirt print is on a grey marle fabric and available in sizes 2-8.

The dramas of shopping for kids clothing Posted on 19 Apr 01:51

One of the most important jobs that you have as a parent is shopping for your kids clothing. Selecting the most suitable outfit for your children can be somewhat a chore. There are times when it’s even more daunting and tiresome than dressing the children themselves! Selecting kids clothes that will look nice and are actually desired by them can be quite the challenge. Whilst some kids do not care about what you want them to wear, there are other children who are quite picky and will just wear clothes of a particular colour or design. Some boys, for instance, will never be willing to wear clothes that are not blue in colour or are lacking robots!. Ideally, you want to have a wide range of clothes that will keep your little one feeling comfortable and happy depending on their growth spurts and favourite imagery of the week.
You might be wondering about the best place to go when you want to shop for new clothes for your son. Good thing the internet is around which will give you a wide selection of kids clothing stores online where you can go shopping for children's clothing. You can also consider buying from an online store where you can definitely get better and more unique choices when it comes to designs and independent labels such as us.
Young and Moodie is here to assist you in finding the best clothes for your son. We offer a wide variety of kids clothing for both boys and girls that you can get at prices that you can surely afford. Check out our Limited Edition range of kids clothing online now. 

Boys clothing - Looking for something unique? Posted on 12 Apr 02:45

Unique kids clothing that stands out from the crowd. Young and Moodie designer children's clothing.

As a parent, you of course want to give the best for your child. From their education and welfare to the clothes on their back. If you are currently searching for a great collection of comfortable clothes for infants and young boys, you have come to the right place. Young and Moodie designer kids clothing is here to provide you a fresh selection of clothes for boys not found in the main street stores.

 In this page, we have cute rompers for boys that are available in two adorable designs to choose from. If you want shirts for your child, you can also shop from a unique selection of boys t-shirts and long sleeves. Our collection is also completed with boys’ shorts that are available in custom designs and prints to select from.

 Our designs reflect the world around us and are given the Young and Moodie twist combined with an urban street art feel. There is a range of artwork to choose from so you can really pick a unique item for your little sons personality. Some customers are even complimenting our design style by comparing us to the famous street artist Banksy! Huge thanks to you all.

 Here at Young and Moodie, our products are made and tailored using the best materials and cloth available. We want to provide every child with clothes that are guaranteed comfortable to wear, and will give freedom to move for young active boys. We carefully select the materials that we use in making these products, giving you items that will keep your child feeling comfy all day long and looking stylish at the same time! Our sizes range from size 00 up to size 8 and are only produced in Limited Edition print runs so won’t be seen on every street corner.

 Aside from the quality of our products and the affordability of the items that we offer, we also strive to offer fast delivery for all ordered items. Expect the item to arrive directly at your doorstep on the scheduled date of delivery. So what are you still waiting for? Shop now and place your order while stock lasts!

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