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Boys Robot T-shirt Designs by Young and Moodie

Posted by Craig Moodie on

This week we are exploring our robot t-shirt designs and how they came to be. Our design style is a mix of street art and graphic design which we think gives a clean polished stencil art finish. We embrace the nostalgic feelings that come from certain childhood toys and imagery and vintage robots are definitely near the top of the nostalgic list.

So lets take a look at the list...

Number 1: The first robot t-shirt design we created was a fantasy image of a boy turning the key to an old wind-up robot that was the same size as him. Wind up robots were most definitely a staple of many young boys’ toy collections and are now collectable items for men of that era. We named this wind up robot design ‘Batteries not Included’ which pretty much sums it up. The design process for our artwork is also an exciting journey. Seeing a concept come to life brings a great deal of satisfaction and is always a creative driving force. The Batteries Not Included boys long sleeve top is available from the Young and Moodie online store in limited edition numbers. They are produced in sizes 2-8 inclusive.

Robot T-shirt - Boys Clothing by Young and MoodieBoys Robot tshirt riding a bike - Boys Graffiti t-shirt

Number 2: Our next robot design is on a blue and grey raglan t-shirt and is called ‘Metal to the Pedal’. It features a retro robot riding on a cruiser pedal bike and is overlaid on a grungy brick wall. The design has a realistic finish to emanate an actual stencilled wall. We are really enjoying playing with perspective with some of our most recent designs which we think stands us apart from the crowd. The Metal to the Pedal boys robot t-shirt is available is sizes 2-8. We also offer free shipping for all orders over $55 within Australia!

 Robot Dance off t-shirt - Cool boys t-shirts onlineCool Robot T-shirt - Boys Clothing Online - Young and Moodie Children's Clothing

Number 3: Our final robot t-shirt design to date is called ‘Dance Off’ and shows a boy and large robot in mid dance move, doing the ‘robot’ dance of course! The style again has a realistic wall stencil with a fading brick pattern. Some customers are comparing our artwork to the infamous Bansky street artist which we can't thank them enough for! The Dance Off boys tshirt print is on a grey marle fabric and available in sizes 2-8.

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