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Boys Shorts

  • 24.95

Our boys shorts are tough wearing, made from premium quality materials and have some pretty cool design elements to top it all off. 

Our boys' shorts come in four styles to choose from.

There are two printed styles and two plain styles.

  • The plain black or tan coloured shorts have just our logo printed on a back pocket.
  • Our printed tan coloured shorts have a grungy brick pattern.
  • The printed black coloured shorts have a minimalist street pavement graphic. These custom prints are taken from a couple of our boys' t-shirt designs, the 'Board Gorilla' t-shirt and the 'Street Racer' t-shirt. 


  • All our boys' shorts have a double sided adjustable waist and are available in sizes 2-8.
  • They have a zip fly with a natural looking button front and are made from a premium 100% fine cotton twill which looks and feels very luxe.
  • We've added a few extra details on the inside pockets and waist to show a little pop of blue too.
  • The bottom hem can also be folded up one fold to shorten in the early stages of wearing and looks quite cool and preppy. 

Young and Moodie designs are unique and bold and often have a story behind the artwork. These kids' apparel designs appeal to wide age group from infants to adults and are only produced in a limited edition production.