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Boys Long Sleeve Top - Shuttle Design

  • 24.95

 This boy's long sleeve top is called 'Houston..We Have a Problem' and shows a little boy preparing his shuttle for launch. Space is a mysterious place and I'm sure we've all had that thought, what's really out there? Well this boy is on a mission to find out and report back.

Let your little ones imaginations run wild and see what they come up with. This bold and punchy print has real impact and looks great with the raglan sleeves. They can be worn for a number of occasions due to their smart/casual style. 

Our kids clothing is only produced in limited edition print runs and this boys' long sleeve tops range is available in sizes 2-8. The artwork of this boy's collection has embraced the icons of many young boys' imaginations and they are made from a premium 100% soft cotton.

Young and Moodie designs are unique and bold and often have a story behind the artwork. These kids' apparel designs appeal to wide age group from infants to adults and have been often compared to the famous Banksy street artist. 

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